Toilet Repair & Installation Service

We provide FREE consultation to diagnose any plumbing problems and a Reasonable quotation and solutions will be given.

Having a problem with the clog in the toilet can make you a headache. Trying to fix it using do-it-yourself drain cleaner such as vinegar, baking soda, and hot water sometimes looks so messy for an inexperienced person especially for a single woman and no one else to ask for help in the house. Imagine that after using a toilet and frequently got the problem because it won’t flush, can be a frustration scenario to anyone. It is a sign to contact trusted plumbers in Selangor or KL to repair the faulty toilet.

To fix problems with the bathroom such as clogging, flushing, and leaking, you need to get the toilet repair service from the trusted contractor. Other issues like running toilet, toilet replacement, and installation can easily do by the quality and committed contractor. Boon Chye Plumbing – a name that can be trusted that offers not only the toilet repair service but also other plumbing repair services in Malaysia.

Also if you notice any unusual small pool of water on the floor and it feels spongy, you are having a big problem later if you think it is just a small matter. Without your knowing, small leaks trapped beneath the toilet already rot the floor surface. Getting the right plumbing repair service is the best option when you want to make sure there are no other problems and saving your maintenance bills that will occur in future.