Electrical Wiring Services Malaysia

Trust us to take care of your electrical wirings based on our profound knowledge and experience.

Electrical wiring works are meticulous because a minor mistake in the installation or repair services can seriously harm your home. A wrong step in the installation of wires may cause a serious electrical fire. Moreover, old wires and cables tend to be faulty, hence maintenance works are needed every few years to ensure the safety of its occupants.

Besides being the best plumbers in KL, Boon Chye offers electrical wiring and maintenance services for new and current homes, and also commercial buildings in Malaysia. Our team of professionals is very experienced, at the same time they pay attention to details in the work that they do. Therefore, we handle all our tasks with care for the safety of our clients.

We provide electrical wiring services for all your home appliances such as indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, power sockets and more. Our extensive knowledge in wiring apart from plumbing services will ensure that you get the best value out of your money while keeping you, your family and your customers safe.